2011 Lobsterfest: Monday Night Out, Lobster Luau at Mojito Bar

Went out pretty early to Monday night’s Lobsterfest event at Mojito Bar.    I love their mojitos (coconut, tamarind and ginger are my faves) and I love the owner, Deona.  She is a kick ass cook…even won first place at last year’s lobsterfest for her lobster dish.  This year’s lobster menu was AGRESSIVE. 

Particularly for a small bar with an extremely small kitchen.  There was a tent on the beach,  a decent  crowd and ManAtWork was playing. 

Good atmosphere. 

I stayed for a few hours…but getting food was pretty difficult (though it did look good).  A few ginger mojitos and we ended up at BCs for some tasty yet deadly chicken nachos.

It was like being hit with a Mexican tranquilizer dart…I had to call it an early night.  I felt like this dog napping outside Mojito’s.

I think tomorrow’s event is at Ramon’s Village.  And I also think I’m taking a night off. 

Lobsterfest Lessons Learned:  Do not arrive at the events starving.  Order your drinks 2 at a time and keep a light snack in your purse.

Day 6 of Lobster season and I haven’t had a bit of lobster.  Perhaps a trip back to Mojito’s Bar once things slow down.  They are located at the end of front street (across from the Belize Bank) in the Sunbreeze Suites (formerly AquaMarina Suites).