Songs that You Will Hear 100x (at the very least) while you are going out in San Pedro

When a song catches on here, it CATCHES ON!  (Just trying to think of the last few years…ummmm…let me think old school…Te Amo by Makano… . Nobody wanna See Us Together by  Akon.  (And a late addition…thanks Taylor and Sheryl and god knows how I coulda forgotten this one:  It’s It’s It’s Serani…No Games by Serani.)

On Reef Radio, in the clubs, blasting from the trucks blowing by you on the street…these songs can really stick in your head. 

Here are the songs I think you need to know right now so you can sing along with your taxi driver or your local DJ or when you are dancing at Jaguars.  (If you don’t like reggae, hip-hop, or dancehall at all, you should listen anyway…because this is some good stuff.)

Disclaimer:  I am 37 years old, white, don’t dance and I am not that cool.  Please let me know any and all additions to this list.  Email me.

“I Love My Life” – DeMarco (Positive, softer reggae, I think you guys will like it)

My Cupp” – Richie Spice   (Listen only once, it’s that catchy and I promise, you will hear it played)

and perhaps my favorite: 

“I’m Okay, Drinking Rum & Redbull” – Beenie Man

Are you open to Dancehall and club music…a little more dirty dancing?  This will take you far at Canuck’s on Monday night or Ladies Night at Wet Willies.

“Slow Tornado” – Lova Boy

All I can say is:  Helicopter what ya stop for.

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  • I can’t wait for my Belize ’11 mix! And, I will be listening to all of the above.

  • I think you are cool.