911? We’ve Got An Emergency…Of Sorts

Driving down Coconut Drive this afternoon, I heard a sound not heard often on the island.  Fire Sirens.  There was a fire truck closing in on me.  We pulled over, let the truck pass and it stopped right in front of the Belize Yacht Club.  A police truck pulled up right behind it with 2 officers and then a police man on a moped.  Uh oh.  This can’t be good.

The fireman got out of the truck in full gear. 

The problem?  Bees on the roof.  Some poor guy was in a full yellow raincoat (it has to be 90+ degrees today) with a bee keepers hat.  Bees were pouring out from under the roof tiles.  I hope he is getting paid well to do this.

The fire team called the worker down…and everyone held a meeting.  Looks like they have this one under control.

I’ve never seen this kind of emergency response in San Pedro.  Impressive.  Perhaps they are killer bees…