The Wind!

Last night as I was (ACTUALLY) sleeping, the wind really kicked up.  My windows and my bedroom door were rattling.  Not a cold front…it is still warm and relatively humid…just wind.

So I got up early (my usual time is 6am…I got up at 5am) to see what’s going on.  Feeling better, but not great…why not take a morning constitutional?  A little fresh air is bound to help.  Plus, my oncoming bedsores (well…more like couch-sores) could probably use a bit of a breather.

First thing I noticed.  A strange foot print by my little garbage area.  Such long fingers…can anyone identify?   Hopefully something cool…but probably just a dog.

A great day if you are a wind surfer, kite surfer or you want to do a bit of sailing.

I’m going to stay in today…hang out and then get to full blown scooping again tomorrow.  I need to…I have a TON of things on the agenda (Tranquility Bay, Kakaw Chocolates, Blue Hole…).  And, the last thing I would want to miss is the upcoming Mayoral Debate on January 18th.  First ever.

And don’t forget, tonight is the 3rd episode of the Bachelor.  

  • Racoon…they do like garbage and that does look a bit like their footprints. 😉

  • Yep, that’s no dog. They don’t have long toes like that. The wind has been crazy. Running north was tough this morning, but going south much easier! Yay, Bachelor tonight. Can’t wait!

  • I’m guess it is a coatimundi?

  • Me

    The waves are really big. And the wind is dying down a bit, right? But at about 4am…it was raging. Interesting how “in tune” with the weather I have become since I moved to Belize…didn’t think about it so much in the states.

  • How do they change the bulb in that light that reaches all the way to the clouds?