Single Women Moving To Foreign Countries

I am certainly not brave…but moving to Belize just seemed like the right thing to do.  And actually the easy thing to do after visiting a few times.  Try it out…while I’m relatively young…why not?  Try it for one year.  Take a break from NYC.  And now it’s 6 years.

With that said…it is very cool that I have been put on a list of “Adventurous Expat Women”.  Women who have really great blogs.  And really interesting lives.

Funny that they mention the lack of dating…

  • “The one problem I have with the blog is it’s organization. It’s hard to find things by topic.” Quote from the otherwise favorable article you link to in your post (including superfluous apostrophe, I can be anal too).

    Organization?!! Who the hell would want to worry about being organized in San Pedro? It is the unexpected that makes it so good. I mean, an article all about an abandoned palace then an article about naked soldiers. And let’s not forget your cavalier attitude to Health and Safety; promoting booze cruises, how could you?

  • Me

    Cavalier is correct. Tee hee. I can’t help but refer to drinking now and again…impossible to avoid on this island.