I Hate To Be the Bearer of Bad News: It’s Raining

But many of you know that already.  You’ve been grabbing your umbrella on the way out the door for a few days now…The weather has ranged from full blown, drenching rain to on-and-off sprinkles to hot, humid sun with looming clouds.  Not ideal…but as we move into the rainier season, we need to expect it once in a while.

Here is a picture at sun rise this morning.  I wasn’t sure if the sun had risen or not…

Yes, generally at the beginning of the more stormy season, the rain is contained to the night and early morning.  And it doesn’t last for three days…but June 1st IS the official start to the hurricane season.  And as the summer goes on…the Caribbean starts swirling (for all of you not “in the know”, swirling is a technical meteorlogical term).

Here’s the current picture from Belize NMS:

Here are some pictures over the last few days.

Biking to work through the puddles.

Puddles are big in some areas…

Just a bit grey most of the day yesterday.

And if you are coming to visit soon, don’t fret.  A day or night of rain doesn’t stop this town…there is plenty going on.  Live music, great restaurants, waterside bars where people congragate during down pours (think BC’s or Palapa Bar).   Try some new Belikin Chocolate Stout at Fido’s.   It’s a great way to meet people…

One quick plea to my internet providers, Smart Telemedia.  You are cheap and your 3G USB stick has treated me well for 4 months, but whatever is going on recently is attrocious!  Blogging and the internet in general lose their appeal when it takes 45 minutes to upload a picture.  You say you are working on it…please do!  And hurry…

Until then, my office is at Mata Rocks (I took this picture 10 minutes ago).  Could be worse…

And yes…that is an antique.  A dirty 2006 Toshiba.  Hang tough, little guy.

  • The island is beautiful, ran or shine. However, I am most impressed by the dinosaur of a laptop you have…that guy is a trooper!!!

  • Me

    And I treat him very poorly. Just got back-up a few months ago. Couldn’t get TOO cocky.

  • I’m amazed that laptop is still working! I’ve fried two since 2006, and I don’t live on an ocean!

  • I’ll take a rainy day in San Pedro any time as long as the Belikins are cold.I need an office at Mata Rocks too!