Sometimes It Take a Bit of Rain to Appreciate the Gorgeous Weather We’ve Been Having

Last week, for the most part, was drizzly, grey and overcast.  Weather that can, but doesn’t always, strike in October when the Caribbean is swirling with all sorts of storms.But Sunday, the clouds disappeared, a morning cool breeze started from the north and the weather has been picture perfect.  October hot but very pretty.  I’ve been getting over a cold…but had some time to take some pictures.  Just a few.  And, well, here they are.

All the cool water birds are here or passing by on their way south for the winter.

And a few late afternoon pictures.

So I leave you from my office right now at Mata Rocks.  The water is like a pancake.  Perfection for snorkeling or diving.  Or for the osprey that I’m watching pick off fish left and right.

Yeah this guy.  He just flew away with a long needle fish..

If you haven’t seen it already, here are all the reasons that I think visiting Belize in October is a good idea.  Come enjoy the weather with us…I know you want to.  Pack your Halloween costume (all the big parties will be the weekend of the 27th and 28th) and book a cheap, last minute flight.

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