Sunrise at Victoria House, Ambergris Caye, Belize

This past week has delivered us some stunning weather.  Incredibly hot, bright blue with crazy sunrises and sunsets.  Yesterday we had a high of 92.  That is sweltering hot for San Pedro.  There is little relief from the breeze.  The wind is blowing every so slightly (we could use a bit more, please) and the sea has been perfectly flat.I don’t take very good pictures of sunsets.  They just never turn out right.  So today I got outside early (sunrise was at about 5:45am) to take some pictures of the sunrise on the way to Victoria House Resort.  Here’s what I got as the sun rose.

And for those of you wondering what camera I use…it’s my trusty little point and click Canon SX230 HS.

I still dream of upgrading…but not just yet.

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  • Lovely photos! I was in some kind of dream stupor this morning and missed it by like, two hours, so thank you for sharing!

  • Scoop you mind if I nip the second pic of the old dock?

  • Me

    Not one bit. Nip away!

  • If I end up buying that slick new bad boy, I’ll bring my G10 along next trip as well and you can try it out.

  • Me

    Sounds good to me. You’d better buy that new one.

  • Felicity Mozdzen

    I normally take sunset/sunrise pictures from the gazebos perth mansion houses but I can’t quite capture the loveliness of sunset unlike what you’ve done here. I could marvel at these photos all day long. Any tips?