Halloween Haunting at Blue Water Grill and Some Truly Delicious Sushi

Tuesday and Thursdays are sushi nights at one of San Pedro’s favorite restaurants, the Blue Water Grill.  As far as I know, they are the only ones in San Pedro that do sushi.  And it’s lucky for us, they do it extremely well.  It’s definitely a very popular night.

Last night was pretty special.   #1, it was Halloween and the town was crawling with kids and adults in costume.  (I have some pics later.)

And #2, it was the restaurant’s 12th birthday and Blue Water Grill was having a contest to give away a FREE ROUND TRIP TICKET TO BELIZE!  Wow.  Now THAT is generous.  (Check their facebook page to follow…unfortunately for you, it expired at midnight last night!bl)

The sign is ridiculously low key but the staff was making sure that everyone knew…



(For those of you who missed it, their 10th anniversary party was a BLOW OUT.  Much of the town slept in a couple hours late the next day.  And it was named 2010’s Best Party of the Year by SanPedroScoop.com.  I”m pretty sure the owners still glow when they consider that honor.  When it comes to contests, parties or charity, Blue Water Grill has always been VERY generous.)

I arrived a bit early to take some pictures while it was still light.   The decorative ghosts and spider webs were fluttering in the wind and the staff was in costume.

And then I realized something truly horrifying…I had forgotten my camera and had to snap pictures with my cracked and re-cracked IPhone.  You can imagine my despair.

IMG_2545But as soon as I downloaded this picture…

Haunted BWGI saw something…awesome.   I knew I’d get a picture like this one day.

And even away from the paranormal activity, check out that view…

But on to the food.  And luckily for you, my friend arrived with his good camera.

Blue Water Grill has some very tasty drinks and appetizers.  The Halloween cocktail, Vampire blood, a dragon fruit margarita was delivered by our waiter…

halloween-sushi-night-san-pedro-scoop-3 halloween-sushi-night-san-pedro-scoop-6

And then the delicious pork dumplings with a peanuty dipping sauce and one of my favorites, the calamari.

halloween-sushi-night-san-pedro-scoop-15 halloween-sushi-night-san-pedro-scoop-11


Some kids stopped in for trick or treating…



And then on to the sushi.  They have both a regular menu of rolls and then the specials.  We mixed it up.

I was a giant fan of the fried prawn heads and the sliced yellowtail.  Super fresh…


This was the first time in years that I’d eaten sushi in San Pedro (though I try to eat at BWG as much as possible) and now I am not sure why.  This food is absolutely amazing.  Fresh and creative.  The rice really nicely done…not too sticky or sweet.  Always my issue with sushi.   And many items have Belizean twist with flavors like cilantro, mango and jalapeno.

Here is last night’s special menu:


Yum.  If you like sushi, I promise you’ll like it.  And if you are not a sushi fan?  Blue Water Grill has their regular tasty menu – check it out on their website.

And now to a few Halloween costumes that I saw as I left…

For example, this gentleman we ran into later at Wahoo’s Lounge.  Jawa?  Just a demon?


And this lady…


And a picture of the Halloween chicken drop…one that made me realize that it wasn’t only my camera.


Hope you had a very Happy Halloween and thank you to my partner Chris for the GOOD pictures.  I think it’s high time to get him involved in the content side of this site!




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