New Business in San Pedro: Comfort Food, Country Music Bar, Restaurant & Hotel?

Last night was the soft opening of DC & Szana’s Country Cabana – a country music dedicated, comfort food servin’ spot in town.  The only air conditioned restaurant on the beach.  They also host guests at the 7 room hotel above them.  The former Tio Pil’s and before that the old Lily’s Hotel in down town San Pedro.


I am going to be honest from the very get-go:  I am from New Jersey, I do not enjoy country music.  One bit.  But that doesn’t mean LOTS of people don’t love it.  And lots of Belizeans love it too.  A certain age group…I’d guess 35 and up…love country.  In fact, one of the few radio stations “bak inna day” was  classic country.  I heard songs like “Strawberry Wine” and “Harper Valley PTA” for the first time at Belize Karaoke.

And new businesses are tricky in San Pedro for so many reasons.  1.  The market is saturated with bars and restaurants.  2. You are opening in a place that has a “busy season” and a “slow season”, you need to find a way of attracting local money or you might only be bringing in customers for 7-8 months a year.  3.  Food prices, electricity, gasoline are all very high.


So maybe a totally new idea, a speciality idea is the way to go?  We will see, right?  Plus, the Cabana is also a budget hotel and people always seem to be looking for the very rare cheap rooms on Ambergris Caye.  With a country music bar below?  We will see…

I was greeted by these guys on the beach.



Very Belizean cowboy.  We do have them you know…

Here is a gentleman herding cows in Shipyward, Orange Walk.



There is a very nice outside deck for dining and watching the world go by.

IMG_6693I sat down at the inside bar area around the dance floor…

IMG_6670 IMG_6671


I took a look at the menu…southern country comfort food.  All stuff I love for sure.  But not for every day eating.

IMG_2821 IMG_2822A bit on the pricey side.  I had a meatloaf sandwich covered in swiss cheese and mushrooms and it was delicious, really really good – but $28bzd.

I met the owners, DC & Szana.  They have dreamed of moving to Belize for quite a few years and visited for the first time in August of last year.  They will be performing at their spot often and working hard running a bar, restaurant and hotel.

IMG_6685The staff was great last night and there were LOTS of them.  The day and night time staff going forward.  This was only the first night…


The guys joked that they look like Mexicans.  I think they look very cute.IMG_6684


DC performed first and then with his wife…


I think she might have a wind machine!IMG_6687So…if you love country music or you want to try line dancing, if you want biscuits and gravy, this spot is situated right on the beach and will be a fun place to try.

I can’t wait to see how things go.  Very nice people.  I wish them all the best.

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