Hot Donuts and Sushi Rolls in Caye Caulker: Where Have You Been All My Life?

Saturday afternoon, I took the water taxi over to Caye Caulker and it’s something that I need to do much more often.  20 minutes away on a beautiful boat ride (here we are pulling away from San Pedro)…

IMG_6951and you are in cute, colorful, sand road, barefooted GO SLOW Caye Caulker.

IMG_7072 IMG_4353

IMG_6953If you have read some of my posts (like Best Dessert in San Pedro for instance), you might  know that I enjoy my cakes, cookies, brownies…really anything that involves sugar.  I am a devoted student of all things dessert.  SO…when I heard that there was a HOT DONUT shop in Caye Caulker?  Well…I had to go.

HOT DONUTS.  Fresh out of the oil.  Like when I was a kid…at the place where we picked out our Halloween pumpkins.  There are few things more delicious (are there any?) than a hot donut coated in cinnamon sugar.

I set out to find the spot…my nose, I’m sure, would lead the way.  But it was lunch time…and I saw something almost as intriguing first.

No…not this…


Drinking Green Stripe is NOT FUN.   THIS!

IMG_6957Perched right over the VERY popular Barrier Reef Sports Bar.


I walked inside and fell in love.  Fresh baked bagels?  Cookies and brownies?  Local art?  With some of my favorite artists.  Like Lola from Seine Bight.

Isn’t this where you want to be for a few hours sipping an iced tea or a latte?


I am in love with this dragon fruit painting.  And such a good shape for over one of my doors…IMG_6960 IMG_6961IMG_6963

I sat down with the menu and my ice mint tea was delivered…in a proper glass.  Sigh…

IMG_2984 IMG_2983

I watched the town go by and ordered a sushi roll.  Veg and shrimp.  $12bzd.  Tasty and HUGE.

Sorry…my finger got in my IShot.



The girls working, so cute and helpful and the shop is just beautiful.  I’m going to have to give Caribbean Colors Cafe the sunglasses of Excellence.  I’ll be back.  For a bagel.  FOR SURE.

The huge roll was filling but nothing could stop me from my mission.  I headed down towards the split and where once there was only a REMax Realtor, NOW the building is split.  One half realty, one half coffee, rum balls, shaved ice and donuts.  I bet sales of land and homes has just about doubled.



I went inside and met Walter from Munich (Valter) who just opened this shop in November.

There is a serious selection of shaved ice flavors.



Rum balls…

IMG_6988coffee…blah blah blah…who cares.  DONUTS!

IMG_6980The machine.

IMG_6986Dreams of having this gizmo in my condo flew into my head…and then Walter pointed to a serious hot oil burn on his leg.  Ouch.  I’ll be travelling for donuts.

A bag…maybe 12-15.  Hot crispy on the outside, fluffy but doughy on the inside.  And you get your choice in a waxed bag.  With a spike wooden stick so you can spear them.  Home-made chocolate sauce drizzled all over these little beauties or a HEAPING spoonful of cinnamon sugar.

Not powdered but granulated.  So you get the crunch of the sugar (LOTS OF IT) and the warm deliciousness of the dough…GOD, I was making a spectacle of myself eating these.  I think I ate the entire bag with my eyes closed groaning like…

Let’s just say it wasn’t good.

Best thing I’ve eaten in ages.

IMG_6979Walter assures me the coffee is the best on the island and word among island residents is that the rum balls are addicting but I will be back again and again and again for the donuts.

Any trip to Caye Caulker…well…it must include them.  And always cinnamon sugar.  Try the chocolate on one or two…but the sugar is WHERE IT’S AT.

Sunglasses of Excellence?  Well duh.  Congrats Ice & Beans.  See you soon.

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