My Search For The Country’s Best Fried Chicken: Finding a New Favorite at Lily’s Treasure Chest in San Pedro

Lily’s Treasure Chest is one of the oldest restaurants on Ambergris Caye –  a waitress there estimated 30, maybe 35 years old.  I’m going to need to get the full scoop on that…

Set right on the water across from Amigos Del Mar dive shop and water taxi mega-dock, the location couldn’t be more convenient and the view is…just the perfect San Pedro view.


I received a tip from a friend that some delicious fried chicken was being served at Lily’s.  Enough said.  I KNOW that Lily’s serves the best classic ceviche on the island.  You MUST try the conch…fresh and delicious.  They do a mean breakfast on the beach for sure but for some reason, I’d never tried the chicken.  Time for that to change.

IMG_1020I grabbed a seat outside and the waiter came over immediately.  I ordered my Diet Coke and the fried chicken.  No reason to look at the menu.  Leg please.  (Just to let you know – I am slightly suspicious of those who pick white meat/breast just like I am slightly suspicious of people with a Tweetie Bird or Mickey Mouse tattoo.  I can’t help it.)

IMG_1019The lovely waiter was honest with me.  The fried chicken will take about 20 minutes…and they just had a few orders placed so it could take a bit longer.  MMMMmmm…magical words to my ears.  The chicken was going to be fried from scratch.  I settled in watching divers gear up on the dock, workers run to catch the water taxi and others enjoying their lunch.  I also delighted in a bit of free Wi-Fi.

This dog at the table behind me was trying on his new custom made coconut hat.  Not sure if he is TOTALLY loving it but he sure looks cute.  I think its the colored rubber bands that really make the look.

IMG_0567A very quick 20 minutes later…lunch was served.  And I did a full chicken photo shoot.

You can choose fries or rice & beans with your dish.  How good does this look?



And a dark extra crispy fry?  Love it.IMG_0571


And a very nice spot to eat it.IMG_1021This chicken is ABSOLUTELY delicious.  The outer crust is light and well seasoned but the inside…

IMG_0575juicy, tender and well seasoned also.  Good marinating…or possibly brining.  This chicken is delicious.  And is THE BEST FRIED CHICKEN IN SAN PEDRO!  Congratulations Lily’s Treasure Chest!  This most definitely earns you the SanPedroScoop sunglasses of approval.

At $19bzd, it is a bit higher on the price scale but with the delicious fries and the view?  I’d pay it again and again.  This is delicious delicious chicken whether you are judging it against fried chicken here in Belize or in the States.

And if you can…start your meal with the ceviche and end it with their flan.  Divine.  Maybe you and a friend can share this turbo-meal I’ve planned for you.

BUT, the best in Belize still remains on Caye Caulker.  $9bzd Fried Chicken Friday – chicken with mashed potatoes at local joint Syd’s Restaurant.

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