Get Zen and A WHOLE Lot More at San Pedro’s Zen Arcade

Maybe about a year ago, I heard a new business idea for San Pedro.  Noele and Tara, two very popular people and yoga instructors in San Pedro, were taking over a large cement building just south of town.  They were going to make it an oasis of serenity, yoga, health & fitness, massage, therapy, community and perhaps even some botox and a mani/pedi.   They planned on an modern and affordable cafe with delicious healthy foods managed by one of the most popular and acclaimed chefs on the caye.


The proposed name was The Zen Arcade and frankly, being a bit of a spirituality-and-yoga-cretin, I could not picture it at all.  But I was super curious…

So a few months ago, just as some parts of the business were opening, I stopped in to take a look around to see what a “wellness center” really is.  AND…I loved it.

About a week later, I was invited in to get a massage sample from Vicki (you can read about the Zen team here), a talented and professional US trained massage therapist.  Let’s just say that it was VERY enjoyable.


She has a beautiful suite of rooms, gave me tons of information and didn’t even cringe when I asked all those annoying questions that rude people ask masseuses.  Starting with “so…do people ever hit on you?” and only getting worse.

That aside, the massage is TOTALLY recommended.


Everything was totally coming together…the kitchen was being set-up…


The Beauty Bar was being built downstairs.  My mind was planning my day of yoga, a pedicure, a little lunch and maybe a dip in the pool.  I mean SERIOUSLY…bliss.  Suddenly the whole thing was coming together for me.  This place is going to be AWESOME.


Fast forward a few months and Zen is in full swing.  Over that period, I’ve attended beginners yoga and my favorite, candlelit yoga from 6 to 7pm – on the rooftop as the sun is setting), I’ve gone to a few of Suzana’s crazy fun dance aerobic classes.  She is the peppiest, cutest thing ever – and amazing dancer who can explain things very well.  Even the total dance-oafs like me.


And now that I am back (after being away for only 3 weeks), THE CHAYA CAFE IS OPEN!    Yesterday Noel and Tara threw a pool party so that people could look around, taste some amazing food and just relax in the pool on a hot day.  Take a look…

Some of the food from the Chaya Cafe Presented by Rojo Beach Bar.

IMG_6644Jeff, the chef at Rojo Beach Bar, an absolute FAVORITE for food and atmopsphere, created the menu at Chaya (with his partner Chef Danny) and was on hand yesterday to help assemble the gorgeous food.

You may be thinking that you don’t like kale…but I tasted the salad up at Rojo and it’s AMAZING.  (More on my last trip north to Rojo Beach Bar.)


The inside and large outside deck are finished and look totally zen.


A few people were already in the pool and food was on its way down.


Here was the menu for the party:  Smoked Salmon Bruschetta CAUGHT BY CHEF JEFF on the Kenai River in Alaska.  No joke.


Smokey rich and delicious.  A 5 gallon bucket of this and a few New York bagels and I would be in my own personal heaven.

Assorted Nigiri.  Shrimp, Tuna and Conch with Lime & Cilantro.  For anyone who thinks conch is tough, you have to taste this.  Tender, flavorful and amazing.


And BEAUTIFUL vegetarian sushi.  Pickled cucumber and mango and ginger and cilantro.  Tasted better than it looks.  And that’s not easy.

IMG_6664 IMG_6671

Sangria and water were served.  Here is the complete cocktail list.  Cocktail while you are getting your hair done?  Snack while your feet are soaking for a pedicure?  HOMEMADE ICE CREAM BEFORE YOUR YOGA CLASS?  How good does this sound?


Hummus and thick delicious homemade pita bread was also served and promptly scooped up.


Love it.  And you will too.  Stop by for yourself.  Even if you don’t like yoga or Oprah or any of that spiritual stuff.   (Though you and I might have an issue if you don’t like Oprah.)  The Chaya Cafe food is fresh, inventive, flavorful and DELICIOUS and now you can get breakfast or lunch – the kitchen is open 7am to 5pm.


You can look into massage, or acupuncture or physiotherapy or botox and chemical peels or getting your hair cut or your nails done.  You can just have a cocktail or two and enjoy the pool.  Chat with people or just read a book.

This place is awesome.  The staff members are lovely.  It’s just a place where I plan to spend some time.

Check out their schedule.  Pilates, dance, yoga, kickboxing, salsa lessons…I bet you can find something that you love.  I’m really excited about this spot.


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  • Sharyn Eggert Cerniglia

    Can I get vodka instead of gin in that Cucumber Cooler? 😉

    • Belize Blog

      Ha. I bet they can hook you up. Sounds good, right?

  • Yum, sushi looks amazing, as does the entire menu. I would have died for some of that ice cream on da island! So glad they’re doing so well and provided such a great variety of services and treats for San Pedranos, tourists, and expats!

    • sanpedroscoop

      Right? Very cool place. Super smart idea.

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