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Hot Donuts at San Pedro’s New Ice N’ Beans – At The Sandbar Hostel: Love This Place

For those who have NOT heard the news, Caye Caulker’s Ice N Beans now has an outpost in San Pedro.  I spent quite a few blog posts – particularly this one – GUSHING about the hot donuts that were a heart breaking 25 minute water taxi ride away…


But now we have our own in San Pedro.  Hello 200 pounds!

Located at the new Sandbar Hostel (know many hostels with this kind of beach?)…


…starting just this past Monday, they are now pumping out three things and three things only.  Hot donuts with cinnamon sugar or chocolate sauce (or probably both if you ask nicely), yummy coffee drinks and shaved ices with tons of different flavors.


Sandbar is located JUST north of town, just at the beginning of the Boca Del Rio beach road.  Take a look…

The spot looks fantastic.

IMG_5947I love this lounge area and turtle painting.


You can almost make out the room rates – $15US for a dorm room and $60US for the private rooms.

And now to the donuts.  I had JUST feasted with a huge breakfast for lunch at Estel’s and just sampled a few coming hot from the oil…


And the angels sing.


Have them with a Belikin at the bar that is right there…


Or settle down by the sea in a lounger and enjoy the view…and a hot greasy sugary delicious bag of donuts.


Now THAT, dear friends, is living the dream.



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5 thoughts on “Hot Donuts at San Pedro’s New Ice N’ Beans – At The Sandbar Hostel: Love This Place

    1. Belize Blog

      Living. The. Dream. Soon I’ll start bargaining with myself…it’s a 2 mile walk over there…surely that will negate the (10,000) calories in a bag of donuts. Right?

  1. marysaunders

    Intervals. 30 seconds now and then all day. Revs up your metabolism, and isn’t that bad. You can run in place (if you don’t care what people think or if nobody is looking).

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