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Leonardo DiCaprio to “Heal” Blackadore Caye in Belize? Seriously?

I love Leo DiCaprio, I really do.   He’s a fantastic actor (LOVE his sexy accent in “Blood Diamond”), an enthusiastic activist for the environment and provides endless juicy tabloid fodder with his love of beautiful women and bad facial hair.

Love him.  And the idea of him and 45 of his friends being in close proximity is quite exciting BUT….

…the announcement in yesterday’s New York Times, while thrilling, begs some questions.

Like…what exactly is altruistic capitalism, how is the developer of two wellness condominiums in NYC going to translate that to an island in BELIZE and…

did they hire the recently unemployed architect of Google Glass to design this resort?

google glass
google glass 2

And let me get this straight…just in my head…how is building a resort on an untouched caye going to “improve the ecosystem of an entire island in his latest crusade as an environmental activist”?

Even if it is going to be called “Blackadore Caye:  A Restorative Island”.

Here are some of the photos from the New York Times of this island, our neighbor to the west, “in crisis”.


Of the horrifying erosion.  Or what those in Belize like to call low tide.


Or this fallen coconut palm.  Distressing.




Leonardo bought the caye, unpopulated, in 2005 for $1.75 million USD.  And there have been rumors over the years of development…the name Four Seasons Resorts was always bandied about…but the first official announcement was made yesterday and now it is all over the internet in all sorts of publications.

This article says:  “The island, called Blackadore Caye, suffered for years from overfishing, a diminishing coast line and deforestation. DiCaprio is hoping that by working closely with ecologists and conservationists to minimize environmental impact, his project will restore some of the island’s natural splendor.”

With Vitamin C infused showers, dawn stimulation lighting, supermodels, artificial reefs and revamped manatee habitats?

This all…sounds…great.  But really?  Building this resort with opulent villas and infinity pools is going to help the caye?  How could that possibly be.

Here’s what the area to the west of Ambergris Caye – where Blackadore Caye lies – now.  You can see Leo’s island behind us…

black1 black2

Here’s a map to show you Blackadore’s location.

dive-map-ambergris-caye-belizeWouldn’t just leaving it untouched be the most healing?  What do I know?  I’ll just wait for the excitement of Leo visiting with Bar…or Rihanna…or whoever he is dating now.  And hope that this isn’t a project that is started and never completed…leaving Belize with the mess.

In the meantime, let the healing begin!


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12 thoughts on “Leonardo DiCaprio to “Heal” Blackadore Caye in Belize? Seriously?

    1. Nomme Young

      NO, not a delusionist a realist and a brave one at that. This exactly what Belize needs, more investors like Leonardo. This project is an extension of what’s to come. I hope many investors come to the Americas, have children and live in the Americas. Bigger Picture…Bigger People…Bigger Continent.

      1. Belize Blog

        We do need more investors like him…that hire great architects and scientists and that really care. And are really going to follow through. THAT I totally agree with. 100%.

  1. DRJON

    I don’t understand your fascination with the Hollywood actor/ singer type people. They are all overpaid glorified jesters, usually with socialist leanings. Most of them are uneducated and only “know” what they know from other leftists. No independent thinking allowed. They want to help the poor, but have no understanding or memory of what its like to be poor. They certainly won’t associate with the poor, with a small number of exceptions ( Sean Penn, Brangela) So, someone has convinced DiCaprio that he must “save” his island, oh and by the way, we can make millions for him as a consequence. Why are we all skeptics???

    1. Belize Blog

      Let him build for sure. Eco…great! Green…go for it? Don’t sell me that you are healing an island. Duh.

  2. rjhawkins

    Ya wanna build a resort, Leo? Build a resort. Build it responsibly and do your best to minimize your impact on the environment but don’t pretend that you are restoring this island to its former environmental glory. That is pure marketing BS. You want to be environmentally responsible? Leave the island in its natural state.

  3. marysaunders

    I am not sure what to think about this, as yet. He spent a lot of money on a movie he must have known was going to bomb, except with cause-oriented geeks, which is not a big market. The movie was The Eleventh Hour. It showcased researchers who were going against the pollution trend. The most important for me was Theo Colborn, who founded The Endocrine Disruption Exchange (TEDX). She did this on a shoestring, as a modern pioneer in the genre of Rachel Carson. Being in this movie gave her attention she needed at the time, with the exact population she needed to reach. It helped that an elder Episcopalian bishop also appeared in the movie. I think Paul Stamets, the mushroom guru, was in the movie as well. It is likely this movie lost money, although so did Star Trek in the early years I have heard. I am hopeful that this project will add to the heft in Belize of those who want to keep pollution away and support increasing appreciation for the flora and fauna of Belize. Other countries in the more enlightened south are keeping international chemical companies out. Belize has not publicly done this yet. It needs to happen. Maybe Leo will help with this. I guess we will see.

  4. Bryan P

    If you look at a Google Earth photo of Blackadore, you will see that it is, in fact, washing away, so to speak. Just below the southern tip you will see acres of sand that comes from Blackadore’s beaches. It looks serious to me. Thank goodness DiCaprio recognizes this. I Googled the Architect, Jason Mclennan, and he is amazing. His office is in the World’s Greenest Commercial Building, the 52,000 sq. ft. “Bullitt Center” in downtown Seattle Washinton. They recycle their own waste water and made 60% more electricity than they used last year.

    No doubt that overfishing has hurt and they are going to build artificial reefs. That’s good. Honestly, it looks like they have the absolutely best people in the world involved in this project, so I think we should all support them in any way we can. They have committed to hiring local contractors and to training locals who can share their newly learned knowledge all over Belize.

    Of course there are questions and “what if’s” but this sounds great to me at this point.

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