Ever Wonder How Fuel Got To the Gas Stations on Ambergris Caye?

No…neither had I.  But as I was enjoying my first Conch of the season at Lily’s Treasure Chest on the beach in San Pedro…


…and the gorgeous view…


I saw a fuel barge coming in to the gas station on the ocean side.  And thought it pretty interesting…in fact, fascinating to me.  I had never considered how we got gas here in San Pedro.

Here are the pictures I took…

IMG_5544 IMG_5545

Excited I asked the guys on the Amigos Del Mar Diving dock if they too were excited.  Uhhhh…no.  Apparently this happens once or twice a week.

IMG_5546 IMG_5547 IMG_5548

I ran around to the gas station dock…

Good grief a gorgeous day.


The Jerry B. was pulling in…

IMG_5550The manager had hopped off and was watching the docking.  He told me that this is just a temporary barge.  The usual one is on dry dock for 3 weeks of maintenance – it is an internal fuel barge and held to all international standards.

IMG_5551AND…not only does this barge supply the gas for the station here in the front of the island (the ocean side) but also on the lagoon side.   A pipe runs beneath the island.

Interesting to you in the least?  Yes?  No?  Maybe?  If not, at least it was one gorgeous day.



  • Susan

    Interesting…so all the Island gas is brought in here? Actually a bit scary that a pipe full of gas runs UNDER the Island! Ahhh….who is making sure it doesn’t corrode and leak? How many inspections are done? How often? Who does them? Ok…so here are a lot of questions for your NEXT story!

    • inspections.?….hahahahhaaa.

  • Cheryl

    HaD the same scary thoughts as Susan. More investigation needed! Does the pipe split to go to the two separate stations on the west side?

  • I’m a lot more interested in that lovely conch ceviche than how gas gets to the island. 😉 Also, I clicked on the link for “My Bucket List”, which I’d never noticed on top of the page, and it came up with a 404, page not found. 🙁

    • It’s just not ready…it’s so freaking long!

      • Maybe just put a “page under construction” page there so it doesn’t look like a site error? I can imagine it being long, even though you’ve been so many places; there’s always more to see and do!

  • BelizeBound

    So do I understand that the gasoline is delivered on a boat in those plastic containers?

    • Definitely not plastic, metal. And it is usually delivered in a fuel barge with internal containment. The owner assured me it meet International Standards yearly and his guys are trained in those standards in Coral Gables, FL (if i recall correctly).