What to Expect from Easter in Belize 2016 Plus The Dress Code?

It’s Holy Thursday.  The official beginning of Easter weekend – kids are off from school, San Pedro Town Council and many offices are closing at noon and THE BIGGEST PARTY WEEKEND OF THE YEAR COMMENCES.


The water taxis are running in fleets and PACKED, the lower priced hotel rooms that sleep 2 now sleep 15 and it seems like the entire country heads to the beach.  Placencia, Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker are all full.

Every golf cart in town will be rented out and you can expect some serious traffic along with some serious police check points this weekend.  If you do not enjoy crowds or loud music or just people watching, I’d steer clear of town.

The beach – Easter Sunday 2015.


Even the Labour Department applies some heavy-duty overtime rules that give some businesses enough incentive to shut down for the whole weekend.  Employees are paid double time on Easter Monday and Good Friday and 1.5x on both Saturday and Sunday.

One important thing to remember is the Good Friday is Celebrated WITHOUT Alcohol.  Last year it was midnight Thursday to midnight Friday NO SALES at all.  This year, the rules have adjusted slightly.

Belize Easter Laws - Alcohol

This year you can’t even LOOK at it.

The town is quiet and at about sunset, the Catholic Church holds a very solemn procession.


And then the party:

Here are just some of the flyers for the parties this weekend.  Caye Caulker DEFINITELY wins with Mr. Vegas performing on Saturday night.  Super popular Jamaican artist with hits from 1998 to now.  2013’s “Bruk It Down” was pretty huge.

And ridiculously catchy.

Ambergris Caye’s Fido’s and Pedro’s Inn.


Luna Loca, on the beach, always has a huge party on Saturday afternoon.

luna loca

Senor Marlin’s…just north of Daddy Rock and south of Fido’s will go late night.

senor marlins

I must have missed Part One at Jaguar’s Temple Night Club but Part Two is gwan off this weekend.


A bit more low key at the Truck Stop.

truck stop

And the Queen of Sunday afternoon – The Holiday Hotel.

holiday hotel

And then the BIG ONE, in my estimation.  Look at this crazy water taxi schedule…

vegas2 vegas1

And now for Easter weekend fashion.  As little as possible during the day is still de rigueur…but here’s a bit of what The Scoop is predicting.

Lots of round sunglasses on the ladies…


Shorts that look more like undergarments rather than the usual shredded denim –


and fringe!  Especially bikini tops.

Combine everything with tribal prints and you’ve got a home run.


I think body jewelry could be big.  Kaj Expressions down in Placencia has been taking orders for weeks…

body chains

She makes some beautiful things.

Men…I think it’s the surfer tanks again…with some board shorts.  You can’t go wrong.


Or if you’ve got ’em, flaunt ’em?


Let me know what you think…I’d love to know what all the kids will be wearing this year.

A very cool spot to check out classy Belizean trends is a relatively new page on Facebook called Threads.  Just an FYI.



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