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Devastating Fire on San Pedro’s Busy Middle Street Burns Businesses & Homes to the Ground

Last night, at around midnight, a fire broke out on Ambergris Caye – in perhaps the most densely packed area on the island, Middle Street, San Pedro.  It was a rainy night…and that’s a good thing.  For pictures of the flames, please check the photos from Ambergris Today and San Pedro Sun.  I made it to town this morning at about 7am, to see many cleaning up the still smoking debris.  Here are my photos.

I parked in front of Elvi’s Kitchen – the block ahead was closed.


The building to the left is Lino’s Meat Shop – they will be running there shop down south as this clean-up continues.


Behind Lino’s…


El Dorado Market.


Across the street, doors and signs melted but relatively minor damage compared to what can happen on a windy night.


The old Waraguma building across from the pupuseria.


Across the street…


Many were up all night putting out the fire with the fire department and with buckets…now the clean-up.


South of the old Waraguma location is a building that was apartments, a deli (I believe) and an old upholstery and tailoring shop.




And next door…Graniel’s Dreamland.  The windows upstairs have melted but they escaped the brunt of the fire.


Looking back north.


Incredibly sad…and amazing that the fire did not spread more.  I will let you know as I learn more and if/when there is a way to donate to those who lost everything in the fire.

Locally, the Lions Den is accepting donations – money, clothing, whatever you can give.



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5 thoughts on “Devastating Fire on San Pedro’s Busy Middle Street Burns Businesses & Homes to the Ground

  1. Carol Saves

    Rebecca – could you please let us know if any sort of online donation (paypal, gofundme, etc.) site is set up for folks outside of the country who want to help out? Thanks!

    1. sanpedroscoop

      I will. There are a few go-fund-me accounts but I don’t know the people involved and…I could not vouch for them. They are probably totally on the up and up but it’s so hard with this sort of thing!

  2. Gretchen

    God, just broke out in tears. As Carol says, please let us know of any way we can help via donation by paypal, etc. I know this has to be hard on you too. Hang in there

  3. Linda Young

    So sorry! Just hope that there were no injuries or loss of life. Is there such a thing as Fire insurance in Belize??

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