11 Reasons That YOU Should be in Belize in October

September celebrations are over.  Sigh.  And it is officially FALL – or so says the calendar.

September, October and November are typically the “low season” in Belize.  It’s hurricane season.  I understand.  Everyone is getting back to school, summer is over and it’s time to buckle down…

October on Ambergris Caye, Belize

It may seem like an odd time to travel but there are TONS of reasons to visit Ambergris Caye in the month of October.

1. HALLOWEEN.  You may be surprised to hear that the last weekend in October is the 2nd biggest party of the year in San Pedro (New Years Eve takes the prize).  Bars go ALL OUT with parties, prizes, red carpets…it’s huge!  There are costume parties for adults…


…and for pets.

Dog party at SAGA Halloween San Pedro Belize

If you love Halloween, warm weather and good times, make a point of coming to San Pedro at the end of October.

It’s a whole lot easier to rock your sexy nurse costume when the temperature is 80 degrees.

The BIG party at the Holiday Hotel (for humans) should be Saturday night, October 29th and the SAGA party for Pets…Sunday, October 30th.


2. THE WEATHER.  Yes…it may rain at night and sometimes in the morning.  But it’s a heck of a lot warmer than it is where you are right now.

There are also AMAZING sunsets in October.  I wrote a blog, last October, about the gorgeous weather we were enjoying AND one about the amazing sunsets.

3. CONCH SEASON:  Conch season re-opens October 1st.  And it’s delicious.  Here’s my list of Where to Find The Best Ways to Eat Conch on Ambergris Caye.


4. PUMPKIN SPICE ISN’T REALLY A THING IN BELIZE  I used to adore Pumpkin Spice season in the US.  Isn’t that what autumn is now called?

Love the flavor but all the ads and products…it’s starting to be total overkill.

Buzzfeed did a hilarious list of fake products that, in a few years, Americans might actual be devouring.


Yes, Halloween is big but the commercialization of Halloween and Thanksgiving just doesn’t exist here.  Belize is much more low-key.

But then again, if you have a craving, you can find just a bit.  Mmmmm….


5. COOL BIRDS   As the weather is cooling off up north, many beautiful birds head for warmer climes.  The herons, egrets and other water birds are particularly stunning.

I’m a giant fan of the roseate spoonbill.  Each and every time I see one fly over…or one just rooting around in a puddle…I have to stop and take a picture.


6. AIRFARES ARE CHEAP!   There is no better time money-wise to come to Belize.  No need to book months or years in advance.  Get on Kayak.com or your favorite site a week or two in advance and get some great deals.

I just did a quick test of Kayak.com from Sunday Oct 23 to Oct 30th.  And found (no red-eyes or more than one stop)



I’ll let you fill in your city.

And don’t forget…WESTJET will be flying from Toronto directly to BZE.  Okay…so it doesn’t start until October 29th…but it starts!


7. HOTELS ARE CHEAP!  It gets no cheaper than this time of year.  Forget the big websites.  Email your fave hotel directly and ask for the “low season” prices.

hammock8. ALMOST EVERYTHING IS OPEN.  A few restaurants and hotels close during this time for a few weeks to renovate.  It is a myth that most places are closed.  It’s just not true.

9. YOUR EXCURSIONS WON’T BE PACKED  Have you ever been snorkeling or diving or cave tubing and you are surrounded by people?  Like on a catamaran tour where you find yourself fighting for a little space at the front of the boat?

October is the perfect month to get a great deal and feel like each excursion was sent out JUST for you.


10. HANG OUT WITH THE PEOPLE THAT LIVE HERE.  Everyone will be happy to see you.  Restaurants, bars, tour guides, everyone.  With fewer tourists, you will be welcomed with open arms.


And in case you were wondering, you sports fanatics…

11. WE GET ALL THE US TV CHANNELS.  Fear not.  You will be able to find your football game at the local sports bar and fans there routing for your team.  The World Series will be on TV.  You are not going to be watching anything in Spanish unless you want to.


Lola’s Pub is a great one with a full range of sports channels.

So…I’ll see you in October.  It’s coming SHOCKINGLY quickly.

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