Nook Restaurant & Cocktail Bartique: 5 Cool Things To Keep You Coming Back

I hardly EVER go out at night – I am, by nature, a bit of a homebody and well…it’s hard taking pictures at night.  But last week, we had friends in town – and they wanted to go out to eat.  So Wednesday night we headed into town early.  5pm dinner at Nook Restaurant & Bartique on the beach.

It was the last of the rainy days in our late October rainy stretch and the sky was all purple-y.

Cool thing #1 at Nook:  it’s open from 3pm to 10pm…serving drinks, appetizers, dinner and dessert the whole time.

They have been open on Ambergris Caye for 2 years now!   I met Erin, one of the the owner, a few years ago in Placencia in Southern Belize at another one of her creations, Mojo Lounge.  (You can check out her first few weeks on Ambergris Caye here.)

What I love about Nook is that it’s different – lounge-y and cool with a big front porch and lots of seating nooks inside…

The bar area…

…and pan left to some of the seating areas.  Please excuse my fuzzy-noir photography but honestly…I can’t take photos at night!

Curtains and cushions and candles.  It’s just cool.

And the view.

Cool thing #2 at Nook:  The beach front location

It’s a great spot to watch people getting on and off the water taxi…or just walking into town or coming back from diving.

And if you are lucky, you can hang out with this cutie – Doogie does not move from his pillow.  Good dog.

Cool thing #3 at Nook:  There is something going on every night.

And…perhaps the craziest part.  From 4pm to 6:30pm, all starters and cocktails are half price!  HALF PRICE!   And wait…on Wednesday, there’s more!

Cool thing #4 at Nook:  The menu!  Menu and conversation starter…

I love the names and the descriptions.

We had the mashed balls.  How could you NOT order that?  All of my favorite things in one place.

We had delicious conch ceviche – both for half off!

And then the main courses – the special.  The stuffing was totally delicious.

And then my favorite – the coconut fish.  Tender fresh fish with a really coconutty batter and delicious cilantro creamy dipping sauce.  Really good.

Unfortunately, we had no room for dessert.

Which leaves me with the last Cool Thing.

Cool Thing About Nook #5:  The Owners

We spent a good deal of time chatting with Erin.  She’s been in Belize for 10 years.  She’s lived in Placencia, she now lives on Ambergris Caye.  Erin’s opened 3 restaurants in Belize, she’s single and smart, fun and chatty.

She’s a great person to get to know if you love Belize or you are thinking of moving down here.  OR if you just want to chat with someone interesting.  Even the crabbiest curmudgeon wants to talk sometimes…

So there you go.  Whether you are looking for late afternoon apps…a few cocktails after your time in the sun (can I recommend the shaken Pina Colada?  Sounds simple but Nook’s is DELICIOUS!) or just a fun night, check it out.

Put Nook on your list.


 And for those that like a bit of trivia.  Do you remember what this space was before it was Nook?

Very briefly it was a Country Western-Line Dancing-Chicken Fried Steak serving place.  DC and Szana’s Country Cabana.  The soft opening was one of the stranger nights that I’ve had in Belize.  And that is saying something.

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