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Let’s Celebrate The Belize Barrier Reef

The Belize Coral Reef – the 2nd largest barrier reef in the world – is the crown jewel of Belize.  The miles and miles of rainbow corals that make our entire coast line what it is today.  Literally.  Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker started as patches of coral and built up over thousands of years.Keep reading »

My Eight Craziest Adventure Tours In Belize Plus One

Belize is full of adventure.  Such a small country, you can be at the 2nd largest reef in the world on one day and then deep within an inland cave the next.  It was my trip to the “Black Hole” that got me thinking about this list so I’ll start with that.  Adventure?  Me?  Keep reading »

Beautiful Photos by San Pedro Native Marlena Gomez And My Love, Instagram

I absolutely adore Instagram.  For me, it’s social media at its best.  Photos.  Words and hashtags optional.  Much of the time, words really only mess things up. Follow along with the travels of a magazine editor, or the strange and fascinating life of a Hollywood starlet or your friend’s kids and meals… It also makes itKeep reading »

Belize’s Most Famous Jaguar Turns 10 Years Old at the Belize Zoo

Junior Buddy is the most famous jaguar in Belize for many reasons.  He is an ambassador for Belize’s big cats – showing us how majestic, special and beautiful jaguars are and how important it is to keep them in our country.  He is the only jaguar that was born and raised in the zoo.  He’sKeep reading »

An Update on Oil Exploration In Belize And Other Things

Friday night, The Belize Coalition for Save Our National Heritage held a meeting for San Pedro residents to catch up after the HISTORIC public meeting back in October.  The coalition is made up of over 30 organizations and on Friday night, there was a representative from the World Wildlife Foundation (Belize), Oceana Belize and theKeep reading »

Elsie Goes For A Spa Day: Dog Grooming at Pampered Paws

I have a dog and her named is Elsie.  She’s a hero.  After spending 3 or 4 years in Dangriga, neglected (at best) and starved, she now lives with us in San Pedro.  She has doubled in weight (literally), had a fully infected leg removed, has been identified, by us, as a teacup Great DaneKeep reading »

Oil Exploration Has Halted in Belize BUT THIS MUST BE LAW

Last Thursday afternoon, the residents of Ambergris Caye turned out in droves and PACKED the morning meeting scheduled by the Government of Belize to address the questions of the public. Karen Brodie (her photography page) took some beautiful photos of the crowd.  Kids of all ages with notes…asking questions…tour guides, fishermen, hotel operators, citizens. QuestionsKeep reading »

Belize Approves Offshore Oil Exploration Starting This Week: ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Just a few days ago, the venerable Outside magazine published a heartbreaking article about Australia’s reef titled Obituary:  The Great Barrier Reef 25 Million BC to 2016. It’s interesting that just this week, the Prime Minister and Cabinet of Belize is allowing, without public consultation and amidst a wave of corruption scandals in the pretty much brokeKeep reading »

5am Wake Up for An Urban Birdwatch with The Belize Audobon

This morning my phone alarm rang in the darkness.  NO… If I was going to get up for San Pedro’s Urban Birdwatch and Bird Count, it was going to have to happen quickly. And I’m glad I did because OH WHAT A PRETTY MORNING.  Birds or no birds. We’ve had some beautiful days this week…dark,Keep reading »

My 8 Favorite Sea Creatures in Belize

Belize has some ridiculously amazing creatures. Both above the water… A toucan in the Cayo District.  The National Bird. Fuego, the tapir, at the Belize Zoo.  The National Animal. This beautiful Howler Monkey outside of Belize City. And below the water. Many know Belize for the coastline, the amazing diving and snorkeling.  And for veryKeep reading »

The Scoop: Are Our Beaches Made of Poop?

A few months ago, I headed to the Truck Stop for a movie presentation by Rachel Graham, shark champion, sea warrior, educator and biologist with the Mar Alliance.  She was presenting an episode of The Great Barrier reef narrated by David Attenborough – SIR David Attenborough – and amidst all the talk of polyps and coralKeep reading »

Heroes in The Jungle: Belize’s Race To Save The WILD Scarlet Macaw

To see 10…16…20 scarlet macaws flying across the late afternoon sky is almost hard to believe.  Always even numbers, these surreally colorful, gorgeous birds mate for life.  Shrieking, gliding in tandem and so garishly colored, it’s as if evolution forgot them.  There is no missing them in the jungle of one thousand greens. These birds areKeep reading »