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Thanksgiving on Ambergris Caye? Yes! Here’s How I Did Mine


In New Jersey, TGE (or Thanksgiving Eve) is a holiday when it is very popular to re-unite with your high school class.  Many reunions take place at the local town bar and some more formally – as an organized party. This year I missed my 25th Ridgewood HS reunion!!!!!!!!!!!!! Instead, I was crafting for Cayo FrancesKeep reading »

Why December on Ambergris Caye, Belize is Fantastic: Your Calendar


Everyone loves Christmas as a child.  But as an adult, it’s beautiful but MAN it seems like lots of work.  Add in cold weather, the 40 minute search for a parking spot at the mall and super creepy Santas and the fun festivities can quickly become EXHAUSTING. Me and Creepy Santa.  Oy. Belize in DecemberKeep reading »

Halloween Madness At the Holiday Hotel: Party of the Year


Every year, the entire town (almost) dudes and dolls up for Halloween and heads to the HUGE red carpet event and late night party at the Holiday Hotel. Ben of Truck Stop – I am still not convinced that this isn’t a real dog’s head. And his wife Joanna’s! I…have never done it!  Never been.Keep reading »

11 Reasons That YOU Should be in Belize in October


September celebrations are over.  Sigh.  And it is officially FALL – or so says the calendar. September, October and November are typically the “low season” in Belize.  It’s hurricane season.  I understand.  Everyone is getting back to school, summer is over and it’s time to buckle down… It may seem like an odd time toKeep reading »

Hip Hip Hooray! Miss San Pedro is Officially Crowned and Kids Parade to Celebrate the Battle of St. George’s Caye

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September 10th is the first officially holiday of September – to celebrate the Battle of St. George’s Caye in 1798.  The Spanish, invading from Mexico, tried AGAIN to expel the British Baymen and their slaves from Belize. The small Baymen crew was victorious.  And along with Independence Day on September 21st (some 183 years later)Keep reading »

A Guide to Packing for Belize in the Rainy Season

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It has many names – the low season, the off season, hurricane season but around here on Ambergris Caye, it’s generally called the rainy season.  August, September, October, often into November, like in much of the Caribbean, the weather and the sea are warmer, the air more humid and there is always a chance of rain. It’sKeep reading »

Costa Maya Pageant Explosion at the Fabulous Finn & Martini on Ambergris Caye

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The International Costa Maya Festival, perhaps San Pedro’s busiest weekend, kicked off officially last night.  It’s a weekend that starts with a Thursday night pageant – with ladies from each country in Central America and Mexico and continues with parties, carnival rides, music, comedy and more. Beautiful Michelle Nunez, last year’s Miss San Pedro, isKeep reading »

San Pedro, Belize’s 2016 Annual Lobster Festival is the Best Yet


Last night was the big block party for the 10th annual Ambergris Caye Lobsterfest and it was an absolute blow-off.  There were more people, more space, more booths (which means more tasty food selections) and it was an absolutely gorgeous night. I got there early.  1.  Because my night time photos are…terrible.  2.  I wasKeep reading »

San Pedro, Belize’s LobsterFest 2016 Is Stacking UP to be HUGE!


On Ambergris Caye, Belize, this is going to be the biggest Lobster Festival on record!  In more ways than one… 11 days of events.  For the 10th Annual San Pedro LobsterFest. The calendar is already full…as in previous years, a passport will be issued and the more events that you attend?  The better chance that youKeep reading »

What to Expect from Easter in Belize 2016 Plus The Dress Code?


It’s Holy Thursday.  The official beginning of Easter weekend – kids are off from school, San Pedro Town Council and many offices are closing at noon and THE BIGGEST PARTY WEEKEND OF THE YEAR COMMENCES. The water taxis are running in fleets and PACKED, the lower priced hotel rooms that sleep 2 now sleep 15Keep reading »