I’m Leaving For Kerala India TODAY! What Did I Forget to Pack?

I am amazed and kinda bursting with gratitude.  Belize blogger wins trip to the other side of the world.  To India, a country I’ve dreamed about visiting but one so overwhelming…culturally, historically, POPULATION WISE (1.25 BILLION people)…it just seemed daunting.  A trip that would take intense planning,  months and months of time to do itKeep reading »

12 Things I Did Not Expect AT ALL About Kerala, India

I am generally one who likes to travel without reading too much about a place.  Sure, it helps to know the weather and if any important vaccinations will be needed – but other than that, I like to arrive without someone else’s ideas packed in my head.  And it helped that I was completely caught off guardKeep reading »

Varkala Beach in Kerala: Beach Heaven in India? It Just May Be…

The Kerala Blog Express is officially over.  15 days, 30 bloggers, 25 countries (26 if you include Belize) and a whirlwind tour of the entire state – from mountains, to the gorgeous houseboats to the tea plantations.  But we had only a brief visit at the beach (Kovalam) – and I had read that the beachesKeep reading »

The Backwater Region – A Magical MUST DO in Kerala, India

Kerala, India has so many things that make it unique within India and rest of the world.  It has an amazingly high literacy rate (about 95%) and the lowest birthrate in India.  The landscape ranges from the coconut palm lined beaches of the Arabian Sea to the gorgeous Backwater lakes and canals to the mountains,Keep reading »

My First Stop: Kovalam, Kerala, India – Wonder and CULTURE SHOCK

After 12 hours in the Mumbai airport (which is PACKED both day and night), it was time to fly to Trivandrum – short for Thiruvananthapuram – a name so long it did not even fit on my boarding pass. An hour and 45 minutes later, we landed at the small domestic airport.  The local language isKeep reading »

2015: What a Year to Be in Belize! Part Three

Present day:  I am just back from gorgeous Sleeping Giant Lodge in Cayo and super charming Hopkins, Belize.  And…AND…I’ve been “short listed” to go to Kerala India thanks to everyone’s votes!  All I need to do is present a copy of my passport (check) and report to India.  INDIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  on February 14th. Kerala.  One ofKeep reading »

What a Beautiful Start to December in Belize!

It’s almost impossible believe that it’s December – in Belize or anywhere else.  Honestly…it’s just ridiculous how quickly this year has gone.  And, though I bet 99% of you will scoff, winter weather is pushing into Belize – some proper signs of the cold fronts that are dipping low across the states. The wind is fromKeep reading »

Shopping San Pedro, Belize: RubiMoon, A Step into A Beautiful World

I have been re-reading the book “Eat, Pray, Love” recently – and as usual – I am totally sucked in to the worlds of India and Bali.  For some INSANE reason…the Italy/EAT part of the book is nice but the one I would most quickly thumb through. The beauty, spirituality, foreign-ness of both of those twoKeep reading »