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A Kid’s Eye View

I ran into J. Castillo yesterday (I will call him J. since I don’t know how to spell his name…Jahfur, I think) and he proposed the following:  He will take my camera for an afternoon and give me a kid’s perspective of San Pedro.  He’s a very smart kid.  He gets very excited about SAGA fundraising events, he’s polite and he loves to play checkers (though his rules seem to shift as the game goes on).  I am thinking that this could be good stuff.

I am a little nervous of course…it’s the only camera I have.  And replacing cameras in Belize is not easy.  Not saying he is going to take it…but kids have been known to break things now and again.

Here is the deal.  When I get the camera back, I think you guys are going to get a cool look from a local kid’s perspective.  Or that is what I’m hoping!  Wish me luck.

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