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Beautiful Morning and Today Is the LobsterFest Main Event!

It’s another beautiful morning in San Pedro…yesterday was HOT…but the breeze is feeling a bit cooler today.  Hard to tell though…it’s only 6.46am.

Today is the LOBSTERFEST main event.  The big block party.  It’s only 4 or 5 years old, but last year’s was PACKED and I’m sure we are going to see more of the same.  Every booth was trying to out-do the next.  Lots set up tables, chairs, plants, real seating out on the street.  Lots of drinks, lots of food and I think “Supa G” is performing.  His song “4 Men (Lay Da Pipe)” is a classic and he is a great performer. 

And not to brag, but he and I have been known to hang out.  The guy is practically begging me to become one of his backup dancers.  Supa, PLEASE!  I will join you when I am ready!

 (Stolen from

Also, I want to set the record straight on Dia De San Pedro.  My google search provided me with the wrong dates. It is NOT the same weekend as LobsterFest.  NEXT weekend is the big event.  The Opening Ceremonies, the carvnival, the bands the fireworks.  Friday, July 1 to Sunday, July 3rd.

Thanks Mary G.  You are right…I should READ the paper.  Not just skip right to the police blotter.  It’s got good information!

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