Bizarre San Pedro: A&R

Warning before you read this post.  If you think I am too negative or not funny, please press the “back” arrow on your browser.

I had been to the A&R in Belize City about two years ago and was completely turned off.  Junk, junk and more junk.   But as luck would have it, I was there to load up on cheap stuff.  Little Xmas presents for lots of kids, so it totally worked.  (Hopefully these kids were above choking age).  It was (and is) perfect for cheap holiday decorations, some school supplies and toys.

To my surprise…about 6 months ago, we got our very own branch in San Pedro. Sweet!  A serious amount of concrete was poured, almost as much as the Tropic Terminal or the new Wings and endless containers arrived.  The golf cart ramp to parking on the second level was built at a….I’m guessing….70 degree angle?

So steep that no golf cart could possibly drive up there.   It would be a tough hike on foot.  As far as I know,  no golf cart has been up there.  (The idea was a good one though).

There are good things about A&R.  It is CHEAP and I mean, insanely cheap.  And where else could I load up on 10 knock-off Jonas Brothers products for under $20bzd?  Don’t get me wrong.  I am totally down with the Jo Bros.

But it is also bizarre to me in many, many ways.  First…I mean…LOOK AT THIS STUFF!  Does San Pedro need this many plastic flowers? 

Do we need frog statues strumming ukeleles?  I guess maybe…they would make a good gag gift.

Or the hours? 

Based on my recent trip, there are about 10 staff members.  In fact, there is a whole crew of them waiting each morning for the place to open.  Why…WHY! do they need to close for lunch 2 hours for each day?  Can we not coordinate this so that it can be open all day?   

Picture this if you will:  it’s 12.30pm, my last pen just ran out of ink and I need a replacement.  I think to myself…A&R sells 35 count boxes for only $2.49bzd.  (Ok…3/4 of the pens won’t actually work but even for the remaining 8, that’s cheap!)  You walk over there and it’s CLOSED.  Ugh.

Anyway….when you are in San Pedro, stop in.  This place is so bizarre (TO ME) that I think you would like it.  I can always find something to buy.

I am a big fan of Caye Supplies (on Back Street).  The staff is super helpful and you can pretty much find whatever you need.  It maybe cost a bit more…but I think that’s worth it.

Oh yeah…on my way out I saw this sign.  Tee hee.  Apparently it’s martial law in A&R.

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