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Coming soon…as soon as I get my act together…

San Pedro Happenings…pictures, new businesses and those falling apart, real commentary around town

Restaurant/Bar/Event REAL reviews

Bizarre San Pedro…things that could only happen in this town

“Shame on You”…got a pile of garbage in front of your business?  Kicking a dog?  Riding on a bike with a newborn?  Hmmmm….

Belize Eats.  Wonder how to make stew chicken?  Rice and beans?  Pupusas?  Pigtail and peas?  You are reading the right blog.

Upcoming topics:  Lobsterfest 2011, Boledo in SP…seriously?, Chinese bars/gaming centers, I Promise to Attend 5 Different Karaoke sessions in 5 days…possibly my biggest personal challenge, My Favorite Harmouches, Juan Alamilla, personal trainer to the stars of San Pedro helps me lose 10lbs…and much more.

Lots more to come once I get my act together and figure out this whole blogging thing.  See you guys later this week!

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