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Curious advertising around San Pedro

There is strange advertising everywhere, the states, here, everywhere.  But here are some examples that I saw on my way home yesterday.

NOT?  Did we just flash back to 1994?  Don’t get me wrong, I love 90s slang.  The decade produced classics like:  Talk to the hand, Da Bomb, Phat, My Bad, Psych, I’m Audi 5000.  But it’s funny to see it on a hand painted sign that was pretty recently updated.

The right spot if you want to buy a miniature box of Tide.  Marina’s is a very popular spot.  They are on my way home…they are open late.  I am not getting down on them at all…just something about this sign catches my eye.  That’s a good thing, right dawg?  (Sorry…still in the 90s)

Really?  Does this make me want to buy liquor at Liquor Box?  To me, this is bizarre.  A few drinks and I will become hideously angry,  ugly and terribly pear shaped?

Thanks to Tanya M!  I almost forgot the most ridiculous of all signs…though this one is purposefully silly.  Loin, breast, thigh, rump?  Oh my.

I know there is SO much more…and much better…this was what I saw on my trip home yesterday.

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