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Fave Business: La Divina Providencia

I am a total sucker for customer service.  Greet me with a huge smile?  Pretend I am your long lost BFF?  Ask me how I’m doing?   I am your newest and bestest customer.  I will pay $3 extra a pound for the same Quality Poultry legs or 1-2-3 oil or beans that they sell everywhere else. 

But at La Divina Providencia, you actually get some of the best prices on the island.

I just started going to LDP…it’s on the very cusp of DFC right across the street from Hidden Treasure.  They have signs galore just south of Banana Beach.

The owner is CRAZY friendly and helpful.  She works probably 15 hours a day (minimum) and seems happy the whole time.   They take serious pride in the place.  It’s decorated very cute…nice mermaid carving, mosaic on the steps and a fresh turquoise paint job.

It was 7.12am this morning, Susanna, the owner, is in full make-up and hair.  I rolled in looking like a pile of dog poop.  And bonus:  she called me honey and baby (2x) during my 4 minute visit.  I love friendly.  (Maybe because it was never my strong point)

By the way, if someone tried to take my picture at 7.12am, I probably would become violent.  Look at her smiling.  Good stuff.

The selection is good, everything I need and definitely as good as Marina’s with 10x the friendliness.  The prices are CHEAP.  And they have really nice produce.  Like tomatoes that are not rotten and limes that are not all bruised up.  

Hang onto your hat and get a load of  this…I think she actually throws out the stuff that’s gone bad!   

She even gave me a lesson on the different avocados (the blacker ones, called “butter pears” are more buttery and the green ones – seen below-  less buttery but sweeter).

There is a cute outside shaded patio with plants and seating where they sell cheap breakfast lunch AND dinner.  All local fare.  They always have customers.  (Remember…it is 7.12am)

They used to play this awesome commerical/jingle on TV a few years ago.  Honestly, it always cracked me up (in a good way).  I’m pretty sure they took it off the air…but it is definitely worth a listen.  It’s SO San Pedro.

Wait…it still cracks me up and cheers me up.  If you are ever down south and want some groceries (Banana Beach, Royal Palms, Victoria House area), give this place a try.

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