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Lobster Lunacy…and added bonus! Peter is out of town!

Poor poor Cindy.  She works for Peter at Pedro’s Inn.  He is a giant pain in the ass and she is perhaps the friendliest, sweet, most normal woman is town.  But left totally in charge of Lobster Lunacy?  It’s…well…lunacy.  So much work.  But if anyone can handle it, it’s Cindy V.

This party is sure to be good good times.  Pedro’s parties are always fun.  See you there.

And here is your lobster trivia cheat sheet (you know you guys were gonna google it anyway)

What is a female lobster called?  A Hen
Why are lobsters banded?  Because in captivity, they become cannibalistic.
Who buys most of Belize’s lobster?  Red Lobster.
Where are a lobster’s teeth? In its stomach
What do you call a group of lobsters?  A pod
What is the biggest type of lobster?  The Maine Lobster

PS…I’m only teasing you, Peter.  I know it is under bad circumstance and that he would love to be at the party.

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