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Local Business: Paradise Gallery & Frame

I thought I would write about Paradise Gallary because I really love the owners.  Shamefully, I’d never been to the shop. 

Sandy and Jeff (aka Bud) have been coming to San Pedro FOREVER.   The pamphlet Bud pushed on me says 1979.  They just recently made the permanent move down here and opened a shop.  They are solid, solid, solid people.  And lots of fun.  They even put up little wooden signs around town.  I am a big fan of that.  Ever heard of “The Best Burger in Town”?

Here’s a picture of  Sandy and Bud with the only citizen of the Conch Republic that I ever met. His name is Red (he is not the one dressed in red).  And had an actual Conch Republic passport that both Belize and Guatemala stamped!  (I had to google it)

I am a sucker for art.  Linda Mikulich (former San Pedro resident) can attest to the fact that I would squander my meager paychecks on her awesome paintings.  But I am sure you guys are not one bit surprised…I am quite the renaissance woman about town.

Wow this place is classy.  Look at that lamp.

Very cute jewelry too.
I love the idea selling framed maps.

It’s not all museum worthy pieces.  Their senses of humor shine through.  Great place to buy some decorations for your bar (home or business).

 Or just your living room or dive shop.

This place looks AWESOME and again, I am ashamed that I had never been in.  I have been holed away at a certain bar for far too long.  If you are done buying shot glasses, t-shirts, icky beads or other junky souvenirs, stop by Paradise.  It’s in the Vilma Linda Plaza…right across from the RC school…the big purple building that houses Seaduced.

And get this…they do framing too.  I mean, real framing…and it doesn’t cost $600 to get your poster framed.  It’s the real deal.

By the way, Vilma Linda Plaza is a really nice spot with some other businesses…it also has the only fish pond I’ve seen in San Pedro.

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