Mosquito Coils…If I should die before I wake…

As I lie here on my bed in a mosquito coil haze I can only help but wonder:  Can you really trust a product that can’t pay enough to use spelling/grammar check on its labels?Sure I can…or at least that is what I tell myself as I fall into a semi-toxic yet mosquito-free haze.

This is not a Belizean product.  For those of you who have not seen these things, here is what one looks like.  I’ve seen them in Asia…in Thailand and Vietnam they seemed very popular.  You light the end on fire and it slowly burns for about 8 hours.  Here are the remnants.

Take a look at some of the packaging.

Environmental protection and fain scent?  I’m gonna need to check my dictionary for the word “fain”.  Micro-Smoke?  Hmmmm…must be a scientific term.

The smoke is sending this zebra into some sort of a frenzy!  This must be good stuff!
“This article is made of choicest materials, superior in quality, effective in repelling mosquiotos, with sanitary effects, harmless to human beings and livestock….You are suggested to use this ZEBRA BRAND incense coils”.
I will!  Only 95 cent BZD for 10 coils?  I’m a believer.  There is a picture of a dead mosquito!  This is good stuff.
Honestly, I use these almost every night.

And I will choose to ignore these little tidbits that I read on Wikipedia this morning.  WHATever Wikipedia…stop pushing your agenda.

“One burning mosquito coil produces the same amount of particulate mass as 75-137 burning cigarettes would; and the emission of formaldahyde from one burning coil can be as high as that released from 51 burning cigarettes.”)

Or maybe this more frightening nugget: ” In 1999, sparks from mosquito coils ignited a fire that swept through a three-story dormitory building at a summer camp; 23 persons, including 19 children, died in the blaze in South Korea”

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