New Column: Meet One of My Favorite Harmouchs

The Lebanese are a huge part of life in San Pedro (and probably Belize).  In fact, many (most?) supermarkets and hardware stores are owned by Lebanese expats (and most are now Belizean citizens).  It is always nice to stop by a restaurant for some hummus and tabouli.  A very nice change when you eat lots of chicken, rice and beans.  Different people, different cultures = better life for all of us.

Most of the Lebanese friends I’ve made are from the same family.  Harmouch.  You are probably familiar with the name.  And so I start a new column.  IN NO WAY IS THIS DEROGATORY.  Please don’t get upset.  My friends are some of the hardest working, friendliest, family oriented, most helpful people I’ve ever met.  Anywhere.


Meet Wissam Harmouch.  Have you ever met a guy who works from 7am to midnight ALONE this happy?  The guy needs to call a family member to come fill in when he needs to go to the bathroom.

He moved to San Pedro in 2006 from Lebanon.  And worked in Island Supermarket for his family for a year and a half.  (Lots of girls thought he was the cutest thing ever).  A few years ago, he took over Rock’s…one of the oldest super markets on the island.  He has expanded it, cleaned it up, painted it and geared it towards both tourists and locals. I mean…LOOK AT THIS HOT SAUCE SELECTION.


Check him out on Middle Street by Atlantic Bank.  The kid (and I say kid because he is probably about 20 years old max) works incredibly long hours and is fluent in Creole, Spanish and English.  (He moved here knowing none).

He’s got an impressive liquor selection.  Don’t tell him I told you…but I always try to negotiate.  And sometimes it works.


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