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One Of The Hardest Working Guys in San Pedro…

This is going to be a running column.  So please let me know if you have any nominations.  I have quite a few people in mind.

There are people we see every day around town working their tails off to make a little money.  My DVD guy is one of them.  Ok, technically he is not from San Pedro.  He takes the bus from Sandhill to the water taxi to San Pedro or Caye Caulker 5 days a week.  He dresses sharp, color coordinating his shoes with his shirts, his shorts to his hats and in the case of this picture, his shirt to his movie.   He walks a few miles south and back up to the bridge and sells his DVDs. 

Cartoons for the kids?  He’s got ’em.   CDs?  He’s got ’em.  Seriously hard core porn?  He’s got a selection that would probably make Hugh Hefner blush.

Even BRAND new releases, sometimes the day the movie comes out in the states.   My tip?  Make sure to ask him if it the original version or you might be watching behind someone else’s head, with kids talking thru the whole movie or even with no sound.
If you want a guaranteed top rate quality DVD with subtitles, he is not your guy.  Transylvania Techs got the good stuff…top quality, great selection, movie reviews, email updates.  But if you want cheap and very friendly service, keep your eyes peeled. 

Stop this guy on the street, he is always fun to talk to.

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