Pedro’s Has the Biggest Party of 2011 Lobsterfest so far

I arrived at Pedro’s Lobsterfest party at about 7pm and luckily a seat had been saved cuz the place was pretty packed.  The poker game was in full swing and all the tables outside were filled with lots of families.

It was $25bzd for all you can eat pizza and rum punch.  A big black marker “P” was applied to your hand.  I’m gonna confess right now:  I had two pieces of pizza and didn’t pay.  Peter, I owe you a few bucks.

This place has (in my opinion), the best pizza on the island.  Steve was working his butt off bringing stacks of pizzas by the cart load.  I tried to take a picture of one…but it was like a vulture attack.  The platters were picked clean in a matter of seconds.  “All you can eat” inspires the same unbridled gluttony in San Pedro as it does in the US. 

Oh shoot!  I didn’t know it was a formal event.  Madam and JD were looking SHARP!  But they claimed they were just at a wedding.

Gino and The Shakeshakers started at around 8pm.  I haven’t seen Gino play in a few years (I am ashamed to say) and he has become really, really good.  Having Drummer Dan (formerly of the band Berlin) and Derrick (child bass prodigy) backing you up does not hurt one bit.

Some had strange accessories.  A baby iguana on a binder clip is definitely a new one.

Some were dancing.

Some were working insanely hard to keep everyone happy.  Nice work Cindy V, it was a fun time.  I couldn’t take a picture of her. She was moving too fast.

Some of my favorite people showed up…Jimmy and Crystal of Banana Beach and El Divino.

I didn’t stay long enough to take part in the Lobster Trivia.  But only because I wanted to give others a chance to win.  That’s just how I roll.

But wait…where was Walter?  The reason most people go to Pedro’s?  Holy Moly.

 (If you don’t know him…here’s a picture of Walter from my first summer here.  As you can probably guess, he is in the middle).  Ahhhhh to be thin and tan again.

Another from the archives…this is probably 5 years ago….but Pedro has not changed that much.

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