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San Pedro LOVES a Fashion Show…maybe even more than a beauty contest

Wandering down Front Street and this sign caught my eye.  One Barrel, One Love…very cute.  Free Rum?  YES!  Live music and giveaways!  YES YES!  Fashion show?  Now you’ve got San Pedro hooked.  This town loves that stuff.  Almost more than we love to see Toddler and Tiara style kids with fake eyelashes…  So, I wandered down to Love Belize to take a look.  It’s a very big space (the old Blue) and I wanted to see if they were doing anything different.

Very cute paint job.  But what’s inside…same old, same old?  Or good stuff?
WOW.  So much stuff.  And geared towards locals and tourists alike (to me, that’s the way to go).  I like the tie-in with Travellers.  Some might know that I am a HUGE One Barrel Fan.  One Barrel and Tonic with Extra Lime, One Barrel and Ginger, One Barrel and Soda, One Barrel straight from the bottle…I could go on all night.  It’s damn good stuff.  And those old fashion Barrel Displays that they make are very cute.  
The store looks good.  It’s a great location and they have TONS OF STUFF!  Want flip flops?  Want 1000 pairs?  I feel like Love Belize is the place for you.

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