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Sand Storm Blows Into San Pedro and Dia De San Pedro

Just got back from Belize Bank for some change for the bar (only 4 days left!) and it is a SAND STORM.  It is seriously gusty out there.  Gusts of 40mph.  And they closed off Front Street by central Park…I’m guessing because of all this crazy sand blowing around?  Wear your sunglasses and keep you mouth closed!

Oh wait…that is a picture someone else took in the Sudan.

Here is San Pedro.

A side note:  It was almost as good as my birthday at Belize Bank.  I walked in and there was NO LINE.  How often does that happen?  2x a year?  Must mean good things are coming my way.

Check out for the real sitch.  I should be enjoying this wind…cuz come September?  I’ll be begging for even a wisp of it.

LATE REVISION:  The street is closed for the Dia De San Pedro ceremonies at the Catholic Church.  I took a few pics:

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