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Wadda Gwan? Sunny’s Fast Food

I drive through the small city around Marina’s Store 3 or 4x a day.  (After San Pedro proper, Marinaville is the second largest city on the island).  And I noticed something a little bit strange and wanted to know:  Wadda gwan? 

Sunny’s is a Chinese food place that is pretty popular (or a Chiney as we say down here.  Having been steeped in liberal arts college political correctness, I am just getting used to that term.  It’s not meant in a bad way.  I guess it’s just Creole.  There is even a popular artist in Belize named Black Chiney.  Wow)  

Anyway…Sunny’s Sunday morning Boledo line is loooong.  And people are coming in and out for food all day and night.

A few weeks ago, they started cleaning the place out.  Interesting…it was always so busy, how could they possibly be going out of business? But then they moved right next door.  Losing their lease?  Rent increase?  Tearing down the building?

The new location…10 feet from the old one.

But now the old building is pink and being renovated…or something.  It looks like the are building ballet bars in there.  Meant to display clothes for people under 3 feet tall?

I am just nosey, you are right.  Just curious to see what moves in.  Also curious…they are part of the Brad’s Lottery group.  I know they have a branch on Middle Street.  But who exactly is Brad?  Send me an email if you know.

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