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What is the deal with Dia De San Pedro?

Okay…so I have been here for 4 summers…or maybe five.  And I’ve heard very few things about this festival…seen the green, red and white flags flying in town but I have very little idea what it is about.  In fact, the only information I’ve got is from “Good Morning, San Pedro” and most of that was in Spanish.  And to be frank, my Spanish sucks.

Here is a description that I found online:  Dia De San Pedro:  Three-day festival honoring St. Peter, the patron saint of San Pedro. Early morning boat parade. Boats and fishermen are blessed, a special mass is held and and a fiesta/jump-up follows.

Hmmmm…it sounds good but I’ve got questions:  Why is this the same weekend as Lobsterfest…doesn’t that seem counter-productive? Special party just for San Pedranos funded by our town council?  Or eating, drinking and fun for the whole town?   Why not a huge advertising campaign…make it fun for tourists too?  Why do the rides that they are setting up look like they will chew your child up and spit him out?  Eek.

Fancy a ride in a pink prison?
Held up by logs?  This makes me nervous.  But I’m sure after a few beers, I will hop right on.

I’ll be having nightmares about this ride for the next few days.  Look at that chainsaw like contraption in the forefront and that evil catepillar face.  Many of you are thinking that I am an uptight gringo right now…and you are mostly right.  But this looks crazy to me.

I love San Pedro pride.  I really do love this town.   You will see me on September 21st at the parade with tears in my eyes.  Like actively weeping.

So this weekend, I will check out this event and get back to you, my faithful 19 followers.

Quick aside:  Good Morning, San Pedro….I love you guys and the show.  Doing that every morning at 7am is HARD WORK and I try to tune in every morning.   But PLEASE…no more 4 minute commercial from Hummingbird Furniture.  I know they are a sponsor, I know they have great furniture and It’s good information the first 3 times…but it is brutally long.  Makes me change the channel.

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