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Wi-Fi…It seems like it should be a standard?

I have been dreaming of the Victoria House conch ceviche all week.  It is divine…real avocado…conch…perfectly chopped tomato, cucumber and onion…stacked beautifully.  The view from the restaurant is incredible.  The wait staff is so good.  But the ceviche?  It’s the best on the island. 

But since I am now a professional blogger, I gave them a quick call to see if I could get Wi-Fi with lunch.  (Let me define “professional blogger”:  someone who gets paid nothing, probably only amuses herself and wastes a ton of time.)

The answer?  NO!  Only for guests.
That is no good.

So…I will go to my second favorite ceviche on the island (well…maybe they are tied with Lily’s on the Beach) at Banana Beach/El Divino.  They throw in green olives.  Very Mediterranean.  And very very good.

I’m going to take a quick nap, go eat and then I’ll report back.

Thanks guys for bumping me over 4000 views in 7 days of blogging!

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