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Wi-Fi Seeking Mission to El Divino with a Side of Conch Ceviche

As advertised earlier,  I am sitting at Banana Beach/El Divino for some conch ceviche.

I packed up my 2005 Toshiba Laptop (100% battery lasts about 12 minutes) and my 2004 Canon camera and here is my short walk over…the sea is still very rough from this tropical wave.  Almost touching the bottom of the docks (it’s usually about 3 feet lower).  The palm trees are still bending…not as bad as last night.  But it is still very breezy.

Stopped by to say hi to my bud, Sherlyn.  She is the head bartender at Squirrels Nest at Mata Rocks.  She doesn’t look friendly in this picture but she’s one of the coolest people you’ll meet on the island.  And she loves her job…she has worked at Mata Rocks for a long time.   If you are ever doing a pub crawl or if you are just driving south of town…this place is a must.  Friendly, well stocked and just low key.  I don’t know a beach bar that is closer to the water than this.

Mata Rocks is a smallish hotel south of Banyan Bay.  Very cute white, purple and pink theme.  It always looks like the cleanest hotel in town to me…at least from the outside.

Okay…back to Banana Beach.  One of the more “serious” hotels in San Pedro.  Gift shop, beach, dive shop, 2 pools, real bar, restaurant open for all meals, lots of rooms.  Called only “Bananas” by the locals, it has been here for a while…I’m guessing at least 15 years.

It’s restaurant (El Divino) is the place to see and be seen.  For what it’s worth, it’s where all the A-List people “do lunch”.  When the prime minister is in town, you will see him dining here.  But it’s not stuffy.  I was at the bar with unwashed hair and almost pajamas and felt perfectly comfortable.

The ceviche is excellent.  Serious lime, serious cilantro and the olives make it deliciously salty. The small is enough for a hungry man’s lunch…or as an appetizer for 3.  Plus, the draft beer is in a frosted mug.  Good stuff.  And STOP BEING SO JUDGEY WUDGEY.  Just because it is 1.05pm, I can’t drink a beer?  Or three?

The bar at El Divino is swanky by island standards.  Very rat pack.  Very Las Vegas 1965 meets San Pedro.  And bonus?  The air conditioning is in full effect.  You might want to make a point of seeking this bar in the summer/fall hot and rainy season.

Belvedere vodka?  Remy Martin XO?  Godiva Liquor?  Wuh?  This is unheard of.

On Monday’s they do a 2 for 1 martini night.  And these martinis are STRONG.  And you get a good local gringo crowd.  They do island ones like:  Panty Ripper Cosmo.  Or others like the:  Snickers Bar Martini or a Cappuncino one.  The menu is long.

On Tuesday’s it’s 2 for 1 tequila…if you are over your hangover from the previous night’s martini party, maybe a couple of margaritas will help.  I can’t see how they could hurt.

Oh yeah…and here it the bartender handing me my Wi-Fi code.  Kudos!

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