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You Must Not Know ‘Bout Me…Ode to A TackleCart

See this cart on the roads and give her space!

For those of you who have not visited San Pedro, many of the vehicles are golf carts.  But that has been changing over the past few years as more and more taxis, trucks and motorcycles (unfortunately) arrive on the island.

Anyhow…My new neighbors (both at home and, for the next week at work) obviously have no respect for personal space.  Look at this parking job.  Yeah, I’m talking to you, Chris from Latitudes Cafe and Denny from Croc’s Bar (formerly Stadium Sports bar).

Perhaps they don’t know about the TackleCart and her rap sheet.  29 years old, she is a true relic, I mean antique.  And has been known to mess other vehicles up.  3 years ago, I got in a bit of an accident…started it up and it bucked right into the BTL (Belize Telecom) truck at high speed.  Some sort of battery short?  I’m not sure.  But their fender was seriously dented and they broke a headlight.  TCart was unscathed.   Unfortunately, I was at the police station for hours.  BTL never followed up on the insurance claim.

My buddy from BTL was very good natured about the whole thing.

Police doing the reporting.  Both at the scene of the crime and at the station.  Officer Sanchez was a good mix of super serious, super thorough and nice.

I’ve been bumped from behind a few times…and TackleCart comes out clean as a whistle leaving other vehicles in bad shape.

I’ll miss you TCart.  You were good good times.

By the way, Chris and Denny (and wives)…nice window treatments in your new place.  Old towel?  Classy.  Wait until the Royal Palms Executive Committee sees that!

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