A Quick Morning Trip Around DFC

When my friends come visit me in Belize, we generally stick to the beach bars, restaurants and main strip.  But everyone always asks me, where do Belizeans live?  Everywhere of course…but there are some areas off the “beaten track” where the average tourist doesn’t go.  Let’s take a look at DFC.

My understanding is that the DFC area has existed for about 10-15 years.  This area was developed for the people of San Pedro, both higher and lower income as the island became more and more populated.  The DFC (Development Finance Committee) helped with development and loans to help people build houses.

It is located on the lagoon side of the island.  If you are driving south between Banyan Bay and Victoria House, here is the turn-off.  (Look for the signs for my fave grocery store/fast food restaurant, La Divinia Providencia or for Hidden Treasure Restaurant)

With the recent rain, the roads are starting to get bad.  They will get much worse.  Hopefully paving is coming at some point…this road situation is very tough for biking and walking in particular.

First stop, Hidden Treasure restaurant.  The place has AMBIANCE.  And has won a bunch of awards.  Here is a daytime look.

What a cool plant in the yard.  Does anyone know what it is?

It must be laundry day in DFC.  Everyone had TONS of it out on the lines.

This is the place I’m always a bit confused about.  Castillo’s Hardware built this HUGE warehouse.  But it is always closed up…or at least when I am going by.  It has to be the largest single structure on the island.  What could this possibly be used for? 

Next door is Captain Shark’s Boat Yard.

Personal trainer Juan Alamilla’s studio and house.  HE IS THE BEST.  And when I get my lazy ass in gear, I will definitely be back.  Beware Juan.

Here is a look at the area that was filled in for additional land/housing.  Still just fill…but I guess houses will be built soon?  I’d be curious to see how this fares in some heavy rain storms.  (I think it is called Grand Belizean Estates…interesting name since right now it just looks like a pile of mud.  But then…I don’t have great vision).

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