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Carole Goudreau Esthetic, Beauty in San Pedro

Carole has been my hair cutter/stylist/colorist for the past few years.  She recently moved from her shop attached to her home to this cute little building in front of the Belize Yacht Club (just south of town).  It’s a very convienent place to get to and the salon is the perfect size.
Here’s Carole.
Inside the shop.  They do hair…color, straigthening, cutting, styling, everything.  Also waxing, nails, make-up, massage and facials.  She sells products for hair and skin…basically Carole’s got it all.
Here is my before picture.  Dark roots (I know you all will be shocked to find out that I am not a real blonde) with very light ends.  I want to go a bit darker with light ends…I’m going for a more Gisele Bundchen beachy look.  Just to heighten the already amazing similarities between the two of us.  I have been often been mistaken for her on the streets.
During the process…very Bride Of Frankenstein meets male pattern balding.
The result…I even got a pink extension glued in.  Only $10bzd!  I love it.  Supposedly can last weeks or even months!  Not exactly age appropriate but what the hell.

Here’s a look at the local businesses (and ex-businesses) right next door.

This is Orange.  Definitely a gift shop you want to see when you visit the island.  It has great stuff and really nice silver jewelry. 

 A new health food store is also on the BYC property.  Just opened for a few weeks.  I’ll stop in this week and report back to you.

The old casino (open for about a year) and then a night club for a few weeks…now empty again.
Here is my point.  Carole is fantastic.  Does such a great job (especially with color) at a reasonable price.  Give her a call if you are on the island or if you are visiting for just a manicure or a facial…you won’t regret it.

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