Cupcakes on the Caye

Yum…cupcakes in San Pedro.  So popular in America over the past few years, cupcakes have been springing up all over town.  Yesterday, I got a very special delivery from Monica Prevett, a San Pedrano who has just started a cupcake delivery business.  Take a look at my delivery.  These are the most professional looking cakes that I’ve seen almost anywhere.

Get a load of these flavors:  (Clockwise from top left)  Key Lime Pie, Smore’s, Chocohalic, Pineapple Upside Down, Red Velvet and another Key Lime.
Rest in peace, diet.  Perhaps we’ll start again Monday. 
It’s a minimum order of 6 and you can mix the flavors.  For now, she is only delivering on certain days.  Send her a message immediately and find out when the next delivery is.  (You never need to get off your couch again!)  I bet you that she would be glad to do big orders for casual weddings (or even a formal one…looking at those little meringues…a giant tower of Key Lime cupcakes?  What could be more tropical?).  Or big parties (how fun would it be to put these on tiers for a quinceanera or a graduation party or even a kid’s birthday party?).  Or a welcome gift at a hotel reception?  Or for a gift to a friend?  A for guests at a big conference?  I could go on forever…everyone loves cupcakes.
Here is my attempt at food styling.  I rarely have a chance to bust out my little cupcake plates.

My favorites?  Key Lime Pie.  Yummy meringue topping and a dollop of key lime filling in the vanilla cake.  And Smore’s.  Chocolate cake with graham crumbs under the marshmallow topping.  Delish.

But in all honestly I only tried 4 out of 6 last night.  What do I look like?  A total pig?

Contact Monica (become her fan!) on Facebook or 665-0611.  Prices run between $2 – $2.50bzd each depending on the size of your order.  Very reasonable.  I’m sure international delivery is the next step.

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