Forced Early Morning Walk on the Beach

I have started taking the beauty of Belize for granted.  I will admit…I haven’t taken a lengthy walk on this beach in quite a while.  But this morning, the electricity (or current as we call it in Belize) went out at 7am and no fan = no breeze = no sleeping.  (My condo is about 4 back from the beach and faces north south…I get a good breeze running thru my place about twice a year.)  So basically Belize Electricity Company (BEL) forced me onto a beach walk. 

Let’s take a short trek south from my place.  Not very far.  I am lazy, do not like getting covered in sandy (with this wind) and generally out of shape.

It is still wicked windy.  (Still gusting up to 30mph).  The sea is all chalky and there are waves…not common when our reef protects us most of the time.

On the way from Royal Palms to Victoria House, there is this little house which I always find interesting since there are not that many beachfront houses that look like this left. (I would guess this property is worth $1 million usd?)

Sea grass is a constant effort here in San Pedro.  You need one or two full time employees to take care of it.  I don’t blame these guys for letting it build up.

Next place on my walk is Victoria House.  This place is pretty posh, kept beautifully and has kinda a colonial plantation feel.   A great honeymoon spot I would imagine.

Not a bad place for an afternoon nap.

Right after Victoria House is Royal Caribbean Villas.  It used to be strictly a hotel but now they seem to be selling some/all? of the units.  This place has always reminded me of a summer camp (if your kids are Hansel and Gretel) or some sort of tropical work camp.  But it does have a nice location. 

$85k USD?  Wow.
For those of you who remember Fido’s Sandbar/Fido’s South, here is what’s left.  NOTHING!

Wonder what’s going up next?

That’s where I stopped.

Mile 2 South.  When you are in San Pedro, if you live here or not, take the walk from Mile 2 to Mile 3 South.  It’s one of the prettiest walks on the island.  Start at Victoria House and walk south.  Private houses, beautifully kept beach, some untouched areas, it’s really nice.

Make your way back and have lunch at Victoria House Bar and Restaurant.  The conch ceviche is divine and the lunch menu pretty reasonable priced.

Oh man…stinks for you.  Conch season is now closed. 

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