Get With The Schedule: Monday is Crazy Canuck’s

Whether you are tourist or local, the “Party Schedule” in San Pedro is fairly strict.  And Monday’s ALWAYS mean Crack Canucks Beach Bar and a live band who specializes in Punta music.  Crazy Canucks is less than half a mile south of town located right on the beach.  During the day, it is a very laid back palapa bar with a mainly gringo crowd but late Monday nights, things get a little more crazy.

By the way, this is Ali.  One of the friendliest bartenders on the island.  The bar is worth visiting just to chat with him for a little bit about San Pedro or his real love:  fishing.

The current band is Barrington and The Islanders.  (Main cast:  Barrington, Breast and Donkey…yeah, I said Breast and Donkey.  Those are their names).  They have been the longest continuosly playing band since I’ve been in San Pedro.  (If you like them at Canuck’s, you can catch them later in the week at the Chicken Drop).

Last night was mostly soca and punta music.  The woman above from Guatamala was dancing non-stop, 3 hours straight.  Punta dancing is an art that even the youngest Belizean has mastered.  I have seen two year olds that CAN SERIOUSLY DANCE.  To master it, you need to have a very bored look on your face and only your hips can move.  Nothing else.  This woman’s hips moved so fast and so effortlessly that only the most foolhardy or drunkest tourist would dare to dance with her.  And by the end of the night…some did.

No better way to prove that most white people are just inferior dancers.  But these girls seemed to be having fun.  And hey, that’s all the matters, right?

The place became very crowded after 11pm, so if you want the heavy crowd, you need to hang in there for a late night.  It’s worth it.  And grabbing a seat by the bar is your best bet.  The shadier characters tend to lurk in the outside shadows on the beach.

Quick question:  since when did fire dancing become the new hippie/traveller thing?  It used to be hacky sacks…and then those sticks that you’d click back and forth…all perfectly packable accessories on a trip.  But fire sticks?  That is serious committment.  These two just decided to set up on the beach.

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