Karaoke Challenge…I’m Backpedalling

Karaoke is serious business here in San Pedro, Belize.  We love it.  (I might be the only exception.  “Sweet Caroline”, Spanish ranchero love ballads sung by the taxi drivers, that Kid Rock/Sheryl Crow duet AGAIN?  Good lord ). 

I had proposed doing a “5 nights of Karaoke challenge”.  And I will….at some point.  Some people run marathons, some people hike the Grand Canyon, some backpack across Europe, this is my Everest.

In the face of this impressive challenge (I consider this research training), I have compiled the week’s schedule in town.  I am sure that I’ve forgotten some, but here is what I’ve got.  Please feel free to email me if you know of more.

Monday:  Croc’s Bar (former Stadium) and Reef Village

Tuesday:  Fido’s Bar. 

Wednesday:  Roadkill Bar (see previous feature) and Oceanside in Caye Caulker (in case you are into “destination karaoke”)

Thursday:  Rehab Bar (the bar outside Jaguars)

Friday:  Croc’s Sports Bar

Saturday:  Wet Willy’s and Cafe Cubano (right in front of Central Park)

Sunday:  Tacklebox Bar & Grill

And if for any reason you want to mix things up,  Caribbean Sports Bar on Front Street has karaoke EVERY NIGHT.  OH THE HUMANITY.

If you are looking for a bar in San Pedro, I believe this bar is for sale.  Though from checking www.businessesforsale.com/search/Businesses-for-sale-in-Belize , it seems most businesses in Belize are for sale.

Wish me luck and godspeed.  I’ll report back.

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