Lunch at Caliente’s and Mystery Fruit: Kinep

Since I will be starting TOTAL FITNESS diet today, I needed to eat out as much as possible over the weekend.  That’s how it’s supposed to work, right?

Lunch at Caliente’s is a great start.  Caliente’s is a Mexican/Caribbean place right in the center of town on the water. 

Things to love about this place:  they are open all afternoon, (Most places in San Pedro close between 3pm and 6pm), they have killer margaritas (stop by on Fridays:  they are half price), they are right in the center of town AND they give free chips and salsa.  FREE CHIPS AND SALSA.  That is huge here where freebie is a foreign word.

Here is a picture right off their back deck (some local guys cleaning fish and lobster).

The FREE chips and salsa.

I had margaritas, my friend had the shrimp tacos.

I like to live by the British soldiers motto:  “Eating is cheating”.  But then our UK militia are not always filled with such great wisdom.  Their favorite shot when they visit Belize is called the “Stuntman”.  It’s a standard shot of tequila with salt and lime.  BUT, you snort the salt, drink the tequila and then squeeze the lime in your eye.

It’s also a great place to eat while you are waiting for the chicken drop on Thursday nights.  It is right next door.

While I was drinking, a local vendor came by with a basket of plaintain chips, mangos and a local mystery fruit.  Kinep. (Pronouced – “Ka-Nip”)

It’s in season in the summer…has a thin lime like skin that you peel off and a GIANT pit.  You sort of suck the phlegmy, sweetish flesh off the pit…and there ain’t much.  Kinda like a lycee fruit.  It is certainly not moving onto my top 10 favorite foods list…or even top 1000.

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