My Favorite Meal in San Pedro – George’s Kitchen

My favorite meal in town unquestionably is the Breakfast Sandwich from George’s Kitchen.  Just south of town (across the street from Corona Del Mar and Coconut’s Hotel), this is a great spot to eat.  Maria and George own and operate this restaurant by themselves.  George does all of the cooking and Maria is your friendly and chatty waitress.  Unless it is insanely busy, George always finds time to come out and greet the customers.  They are one friendly couple.

Look for this sign…

I tried to take a picture when it was delivered…but I needed to eat half first.  Here are the remains.
It looks so simple.  Some wheat toast, lettuce, mayo (the most delicious secret that I never imagined on a hot sandwich), tomato, cheddar, pickle and eggs.  So friggin’ delicious.
Also, people ask me all the time where they can get freshly caught fish cooked.  Well…here you go.

Please let me know your favorite meal in San Pedro.  I would be glad to go eat it, blog it and rank it vs. MY favorite meal.  (I hope it is not over the bridge…I only get up into the suburbs about once a year).

200lbs, here I come!

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